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Congress should pass the bill.

I think the job bill that Obama is proposing should be passed immediately by Congress. The longer it takes for them to make a decision and continuously reject and fight against his plan is not helping the economy or the American people. I think the President has done his research and with the assistance of the OMB has constructively created a plan that will prove to be beneficial for all. In any decision-making, proper preparation and planning is always the key factor. The OMB reports directly to the President and I believe all aspects have been considered and covered. I don’t believe the job bill proposed was thrown together in an effort to hurt the American people, but created to help all people, be it rich or poor. I am a firm believer that sometimes you have to give something to get something. The President has diligently stressed the need for action to be taken, and has adamantly urged Congress, to stop with the stall tactics and get the job done. I believe the job bill will create jobs that will decrease the unemployment rate and put workers back to work. I beleive the aid for mortgage refinancing, will reduce the foreclosure rate and help people stay in their homes. I don’t believe that immediate result will materialize until the actions implemented have been shown, but we need to at least get something in motion to where we have something to reflect on, instead of indicating that the plan won’t work, without current data to show otherwise. Congress has now received the job bill and will now forward the information to the CBO, who will then assess the proposed bill and formulate baseline budget projections of how the bill will impact the economy over the next 10 years. Projections are just that, information that basically forecast or predict what may come. Congress will use the information provided by the CBO, to ultimately make a decision, that I believe has already been made. Which is to reject the proposed job bill and delay the process of the much-needed job bill. I’m sure Congress will agree with parts of the bill they support – such as payroll tax reductions – while leaving behind pieces they don’t, such as a government bank to fund infrastructure projects. (referenced in the link below). Which would not be a surprising act on their part. But this wouldn’t be the first time that Congress has done just that. At every turn President Obama has had to deal with this type of push back concerning the budget. The recent almost government shutdown is another example of the adversity and obstacles the President has been faced with. Congress should be willing to work with the President in his efforts and do what’s best for the American people of this great country. Something has to give, we cannot continue to go the way we have been. A change is very much-needed and the job bill should be passed. Bills are changed and amended all the time. If it doesn’t proof to be beneficial or improvements not seen, the law can be changed or revisited. Laws are implemented and voted in all the time, that don’t always prove to be effective or perfect. This doesn’t mean we stop working to get it as close to perfection, that’s possible. We just have to try something else. It’s as if the bill is passed and is not successful, no room is available improvements. Maybe all aspects of the proposed bill may not be 100% effective, but how will we truly know without trying it. President Obama has a very strong team and works with a multitude of subject matter experts and economists. The time is now, what is Congress truly waiting for. The President has done, is doing and will continue to do his part.


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